Let Clutter Go

An organizing service that helps people sort out what is in their heart and their head regarding their stuff.


If you are like me, letting go of the things that you don’t need (i.e. “clutter”) isn’t easy. Truthfully, it used to be very hard for me to let go of anything! …including my extra stuff. I was a master at procrastinating, and at organizing papers and other belongings into neat little piles (or nicely sealed boxes) where they would wait patiently for months—and even years—until I could tend to them with the care that I had hoped to. Read my story …

But here’s the thing: that time never came; there was always something else that “needed” my attention, or something else that I would rather do. Meanwhile, every time I looked at those piles, I felt more and more sad and frustrated, and secretly beat myself up for not doing what I had promised myself I would do.

If this sounds like you, don’t despair! You are not crazy, nor are you deficient in any way! You just need a little help, and you’ve come to the right place.

You are not alone! (Read More)




Creating lightness & space


Letting go can be a very hard thing to do on our own because of the emotional ties that we have to our belongings. LET CLUTTER GO helps you by easing the decision making process around keeping or “letting go” of your possessions, while building awareness and appreciation for your wishes and dreams of how you’d like your space and your life to be.




You really can do this . . .


I struggled for years with organizing until I learned the secret for creating my life in a way that resulted in a space that I now deeply love and enjoy; and it’s my passion to help others do the same. You don’t have to struggle anymore! My unbiased, but caring and understanding approach will help you to gently detach from and release things in ways that feel good and safe for you. Together, we will also develop effective strategies and systems that empower you to design and live the organizes efficient and productive lifestyle that you desire.”




Getting started is easy . . .


I don’t know about you, but the only thing that ever holds me back from moving forward is fear. I always feel better, though, when taking at least one step toward my goal…no matter how scary it seems. Most everyone I’ve worked with feels a little bit nervous at the start. However, as we begin, the anxiousness gives way to feelings of incredible comfort, joy and relief.”


You may be thinking by now that calling me will be easier than not doing anything at all. If so, I invite you to take a look at the coaching services that I offer, and give me a call.

If you’re not quite ready for one-on-one coaching, consider coming to one of my classes, or signing up for my newsletter so that we can stay in touch!

I look forward to meeting you and to serving you on your path to a clutter-free life.