Here’s what Kathy’s Clients have to say about Let Clutter Go . . .


Working with Kathy has been an amazing experience! I had been so stuck, overwhelmed, and even shameful about all the stuffed closets; even deciding which direction to take with it all was a chore. Kathy’s guidance, focus and high energy helped me persevere with not only emptying clutter, but ultimately creating a beautiful, organized office; a cheery room of my own where I feel relaxed and energized. Kathy was able to meet me where I was, no judgement, no pushing; just lovingly firm nudges to lead me through the process, start to finish.

Heather L.


Kathy is one of  the best “people”  persons I know. She has made a career out of helping people yet she never made anyone feel like “they” had a problem.   She often says, “Clutter, we all have it to some degree, even  me, and I know a few tricks that have worked for me.. maybe they can help you too!” Never telling…always suggesting! Kathy makes it all fun!

Richard D.


I did not know what to expect of the “Learn to Let Go of Clutter” class, but I was most definitely encouraged.  I learned that  my accumulating and inability to do anything with my clutter has been robbing me of my life.  I look forward to reclaiming my life – one bag of stuff at a time.

Peter Y.


As I was thinking about letting go of some magazines that I had been holding onto FOREVER, I remembered something you shared with me: ”STORING things for my future space means that I am not LIVING IN THE PRESENT.”   As I went back and forth with the magazines, I started becoming annoyed with all of the time and energy being spent on the decision.  Then, I had a thought… Taking a risk to let something go + getting usable space in return = “Life” (and “Life” means filling the space with me.)

P.S. The garbage truck just picked up the recycling. I feel so energized!